Where to converse?


On the topic of social media or conversational media and advertising… Slowly but surely the conversation on-line is changing form a one way to two way thought the adaption of social media and blogs. People or the consumer are encouraged to give feedback and start a dialog with their favorite brands. After reading a article form Steve Rubel (Ad-adge) – where he talks about the feedback trend that catching on and then questions why this conversation has not made it to advertising – it struck me, should a conversation relay be in the advertising? Should advertising really be two way? There has been some attempts trying to get the consumer involved in the advertising by asking for their help or adding questionnaires to the banners etc… but I can not remember one being a home run (am I wrong?). It is great to have the consumer interact with the brand but is its place in the advertising. I do not think this approach is the right. Believe the purpose of the add should be to make the consumer curious about a brand, service or product. Once the attention is give, by the consumer, the opportunity for a beneficial (for both) and more relevant two way conversation is open. And the place for this is more likely the brand site, in the social networks or thought blogs (all versions). As the line between advertising and social conversation begins to blur even more there might be room for a slightly different approach but to make user to have a good conversation one need to make sure that the “right” consumer is involved and open to a conversation.

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