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As I am getting into this new (for me) arena of blogging and look into how this area can be beneficial to me and my profession… A question has been to of mind for a while now – how do one get seen or more accurately read in this jungle of blogs? Yes, yes I know but still… Well, from experience and based on some quick research on the subject the answer is, not surprisingly, great content! Quality(key) ,timely and sympathetic content will do the trick. Well, this is 90% true, one also need to consider the standard stuff – SEO, design, networking, references and linking to strengthen ranking (or cred). And yes, this applies to all – go figure – no matter if you are selling a product, providing a service or just blogging away… to be heard one need content that interest and engages the intended audience… True more than ever now that we head down the social rout, where everyone contributes and shares, only the one with great content will be heard.

I found some great article on this at and also some great videos.

And this:
Whiteboard Friday – Blogging Community Outreach And from the Seth corner this:
How to get traffic for your blog

And this:
Beware the CEO blog

Can go on and on here… just remember great content is not great by it self it needs to be worked on. Now combine this with video and we got gold… (notice the effect with on the articles above?) will follow up on this soon…

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