Value for money – a prediction

The lesson: When a marketer creates something that’s actually useful,
consumers don’t really see it as straight marketing,
or they’re at least willing to accept advertising as the payoff.

Mobile advertising that provide value (and makes money) – If I would give my 2 cents and make a prediction for 09 on what is going to take off and provide real value for the consumer and brands – I would say mobile apps.
Case in point – Kraft Hits on Killer App for IPhone Marketing – an pay for app (iFood Assistant iPhone app) with advertising built in that is flying of the virtual shelf… why you ask, well it is simple – provide something with a real value and service built in that harmonize with your brand. And you can and should charge for it, a symbolic amount, which will in turn give this even more perceived value… and if you are transparent enough even throw in some smart advertising. All while giving your brand a shiny appeal. A similar case would be from Arla and its Arla Köket mobile app. Arla managed to provide the service but did not go all the way an build in an revenue stream. On top in the Swedish app store charts though.
Note: this is not just for iPhone apps, goes for the rest as well – Nokia, Palm (Palm Pre being a relay interesting competitor to the iPhone),  Blackberry etc…

Prediction The future of mobile advertising (and to a large extend digital) lies within a service.

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