The Way Forward

Ok, blog’s and if just I should bother? – the reasoning

I would call my self a designer who loves communication and branding (the potential a brand have if connected with its target audience) especially through the digital space. I been working on and off with online since 1995 – a trip from a designer to a digital communicator. And with this the question arrives – should I bother to blog or not? Some reasoning – life is hectic and it definitely feels like there is a lack of time to balance work and family in a harmonious way (thanks’ to my parent’s genes I tend to unwillingly stress)… Maybe not an issues, more an ambition problem – love communication and design (brain is always working on something). Lucky to be working with something I love to do… so I like to spend my time designing away… – LOVE my family (a kid and a girl). Want to make sure I am there 100% and do not like to miss important family stuff because of work, etc… Can’t blog during working hours (might change) and won’t do it during family time… So there we have the time issue
AND then, who would read this? If nobody, why write? There we have the why issue
(O yes, a small thing, not a good writer so it takes even more time…)

Now, after some serious contemplating and reading a lot (blogs and such that is)… I came to the conclusion that the answers is YES. Blog blog blog… Why? see it like this – self education which might interest/benefit somebody. My logic is saying that if you want to keep up with this great new(ish) media and stay sharp one need to educate one self (read and study). School thought me that if one writes stuff down and summarize (add opinion in some cases), the stuff sticks… so a blog is the perfect medium for grown-up, business oriented studying. Thinking it might work as this – reading my RSS’s, finding stuff to star and share (using Google reader), taking a topic a day to write about (down) and comment (blog)… there we go – a blog that will have content and help my memory… sweet :). Added perk would be if someone reads it and find it helpful.

That is that, my first entry into this blog world… Talk to you later.

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