Po.P shop

Well, here we go, after 71 days of not blogging why not start with a clean sopping experience form a kids store. Polarn o. Pyret a Swedish quality kids brand just (recently I believe) launched a web shop. After looking around for some short for my son I realized, Po.P got e-commerce. A clean and…

That extra effort

Seth and his brilliant illustrative blogging got me thinking about the one thing that all brands should do but usually market them self out of doing. It applies to even the most mediocre and “one in a million” boring¬† brand. Give your “customer” something to talk about – a.k.a give them more that they expect….

Earn the right – the success formula for brands

Lately there has been a lot of conversation around the term Free and how this can be a beneficial model for success. I have been following some discussion in this from Seth Godin, Chris Anderson and Kevin Kelly among others. Definitely worth reading about and baking into the equation. Now reading the latest on this…

Old No. 7

¬† Moody, impactful and southern describe this beautifully crafted site form Old No. 7 – Jack Daniel’s. Filled with history, legendary tails and whiskey this site is a good example on how to extend the brand experience online.