Same Same and not so Different



The art of storytelling is and has always been the foundation of engaging and effective communication – independent of the way (media). You know,  a great story (idea) always “sells”. Now, in the post “push advertising ” world, technology has changed the landscape and this art is even more critical. Today, connection (emotional, engaging, relevant) is the key for brand evolution. Your consumer has all the information, there is only one way to win them over…
Some interesting stats on this Consumers Itching to Talk to Brands (summary by FutureLab)  – Findings: Why Companies Should Talk to Customers (summary by Jeremiah Owyang) and org. form ExpoTV.

Narrative is the experience. As the Web becomes the preferred destination for brand exploration, digital experiences must become richer, deeper, and more able to tell compelling stories. If your brand experience depends entirely on pages and clicks, it’s time to wonder, ‘What is my story?“- from Avenue A Razorfish’s Digital Outlook Report.

Seth Godin touches on the subject with this great post (Five easy pieces) – a must read and thing – and AdWeek ((Author)ity: The Importance of Storytelling) elaborates on the importance.

If you got all the pieces – what is your story?

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