Nicer to have Advertising

MySpace partner with Auditude and launch a “relevant” adverting model for video, following YouTube’s October launch. Myspace us Auditudes content detection system to identify copyrighted content and serve relevant advertising, even on user-submitted video. Warner Music Group is first out to apply this model (on My Chemical Romance’s cover of Desolation Row and U2’s new single Get On Your Boots) where users get an overlay with links to the artist (more info) and “buy at Amazon” button. Over a 24 hour period they got a 1.2% CTR on the ads… which will most likely entise them to move his program forward. Google’s program is somewhat different, where the content owners get the possiblility to post ads on there own videos and others (via ID’s).  – via TechCrunch
There we go, a more relevant and somewhat transparent model that actually give value to the consumer and the advertiser. Like LastFM on video, kinda. I think this is definetly a step in the right direction, thinking user and advertiser here – or as YouTube puts it “We’re happy when we can help YouTube users enjoy the content they love, and we’re happy when we can help our partners build their businesses online – but we’re happiest when we can do both.” Potentiall? Ooh ya, this is a product owners wet dream. Just think integration – TV/Print/display ads for XX pointing to interesting stories around product on YouTube, linking to product and buy. Buypassing that boring campaign site but still providing a action to buy… Next, as seen on TV.

(Ok, it seem that when and who’s first when it comes to this is slightly uncear… but in general this should be correct)

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