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Linking in celebration of Swedish digital greatness…
Digital creative, production and everything in between in nice alphabetical order. If you are looking for the worlds best DA’s to work with, look no further. Enjoy and remember now is the time to use this great talent.

040 24HR Abby Norm Acne Digital AD&D Albert Ken Artopod Åkestam Holst B-Reel Bazooka Ben Trovato Birth Britny Bronson Cloud Nine Creuna Daddy Daddy ID Dallas STHLM Daytona DDB Deasign Deodorant Digital Venues Doberman Dotone Dragnet Dragster Dread Dropit Ehrenstråhle BBDO Familjen Farfar Fatslice Fi Foreign R.I.P, but check out the founders solo gig at Forsman & Bodenfors Fröjd From Stockholm With Love Futurniture Garbergs Gimlet Gomo GOSS Great Works Grey Happiness Hilanders Digital Holy Diver (AC/DC rocks… btw check out the new album Houdini Hutnu! Illianced ILP Intellecta InUse Isotop It’s Showtime Joy KAN King Klirr Proximity Kodamera Kokokaka LBi Le Bureau Lifelike Locomotiv Lonely Duck Lowe Brindfors Man Machine MGTRN Milk Mobiento Mogul MRM Starsky Music Bay Nansen NetRelations Noisy Cricket North Kingdom Norweb Oakwood Creative Oktavilla Ottenray Ottoboni Group Peacock Perfect Fools Pong Pool Projector Proportio Rebenga Saatchi & Saatchi Söderhavet Smedby Digital Sphinxly Starring Sticky Beat Stockholm Interactive Stopp Storåkers McCann Suddenly Swiff Tackolov Tewonder Thomson Tre Amigos Way2IT Webbkraft Winston X-Com

If someone feels left out, please let me know… (ok, so some might be borderline digital but you know we all want to be;).

Like an idiot I forgott to include where I picked up this list, cudos Webbsverige.

Give, give and give and when you’re done give some more.

One of most talked about people during the SXSW 08 was‘s own Gary Vaynerchuk. Seriously this guy rocks. Passion for what he dose and one of the guys that have really understood and harnessed the power of the social web. And changed the preservation of wine to thousands of non wine lovers. Found this video interview form Tara Hunt, on the topic how and what (Loving the name of Tara’s blog though – horsepigcow).

And here is an SXSW 08 spot with Kathy Sierra (invites Gary Vaynerchuk up during her presentation).

Some good inspiring stuff, enjoy.

The Semantic Web Emerging

The semantic web is finally emerging out of the shadows of the nerds. Yahoo has just made the move to start indexing Semantic Web and Microformats markup from around the web and will use the information to improve search results and make them more structured. Excellent, this is a god start and will defiantly push the standard forward.
Defiantly one of the more interesting things that I think will push us out of 2.0 and move froward. And allow for some smart, powerful applications. With support from big players, Yahoo, Google (will probably jump on the train very soon) etc it will quickly become more relevant.
Some very interesting info on this was posted on TechCrunch and ReadWriteWeb. Semantic Web, W3C Director Tim Berners-Lee discuss in a interview on topic with Paul Miller – great summary here or listen to the whole thing here. Don’t know what this is start the read here.

So what does this all mean and how will its effects be? Thought the RRW gave quite a nice overview: “today, a web service might work very hard to scour the internet to discover all the book reviews written on various sites, by friends of mine, who live in Europe. That would be so hard that no one would probably try it. The suite of technologies Yahoo! is moving to support will make such searches trivial. Once publishers start including things like hReview, FOAF and geoRSS in their content then Yahoo!, and other sites leveraging Yahoo! search results, will be able to ask easily what it is we want to do with those book reviews. Say hello to a new level of innovation.

The basic idea behind Semantic Web technology is that by signaling what kind of content you are publishing on an item-by-item or field-by-field basis, publishers can help make the meaning of their text readable by machines. If machines are able to determine the meaning of the content on a page, then our human brains don’t have to waste time determining, for example, which search results go beyond containing our keywords and actually mean what we are looking for.
Publishers will now be able to clearly designate content on a page as related to other particular content, as business card type information, as a calendar event, a review or as many other types of content. It will make Yahoo! a lot smarter and should shake up the world of Search Engine Optimization and web publishing, a lot.”

In a nutshell – a more structured web of information that allows for smart applications to evolve. In the end benefiting the end user with relevant info at their fingertips. And yes, marketers and publisher to.

The Way Forward

Ok, blog’s and if just I should bother? – the reasoning

I would call my self a designer who loves communication and branding (the potential a brand have if connected with its target audience) especially through the digital space. I been working on and off with online since 1995 – a trip from a designer to a digital communicator. And with this the question arrives – should I bother to blog or not? Some reasoning – life is hectic and it definitely feels like there is a lack of time to balance work and family in a harmonious way (thanks’ to my parent’s genes I tend to unwillingly stress)… Maybe not an issues, more an ambition problem – love communication and design (brain is always working on something). Lucky to be working with something I love to do… so I like to spend my time designing away… – LOVE my family (a kid and a girl). Want to make sure I am there 100% and do not like to miss important family stuff because of work, etc… Can’t blog during working hours (might change) and won’t do it during family time… So there we have the time issue
AND then, who would read this? If nobody, why write? There we have the why issue
(O yes, a small thing, not a good writer so it takes even more time…)

Now, after some serious contemplating and reading a lot (blogs and such that is)… I came to the conclusion that the answers is YES. Blog blog blog… Why? see it like this – self education which might interest/benefit somebody. My logic is saying that if you want to keep up with this great new(ish) media and stay sharp one need to educate one self (read and study). School thought me that if one writes stuff down and summarize (add opinion in some cases), the stuff sticks… so a blog is the perfect medium for grown-up, business oriented studying. Thinking it might work as this – reading my RSS’s, finding stuff to star and share (using Google reader), taking a topic a day to write about (down) and comment (blog)… there we go – a blog that will have content and help my memory… sweet :). Added perk would be if someone reads it and find it helpful.

That is that, my first entry into this blog world… Talk to you later.