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Reading a good post by Strawberryfrogbranding and the global soul –  I found this great quote from Craig Davis (JWT worldwide) in a comment – “As advertisers we have the power to create ideas that could bring people close, eradicate poverty, improve living conditions etc, basically change people’s life”. This is definitely inspiring and a good base to your next stab at now global communication…

1×2 Thinking Creative

One very rocking quote and some brilliant TV spots for your reading and viewing pleasure below.

Mr hemingway on the benefits of whisky
Thank’s WhiskyGrotto.com for this brilliant quote. This adviced will be followed, get back to you if it works… and don’t forget to check the site out.


Creativity online presents the Top 5 for April 7 – some great spots in there, well worth the 5 min. (Sorry, have to follow the link, could not find an embed option?)