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Just read this article – 5 Marketing Principles Brands Should Embrace in 2010 – on adweek, it touches on what need to change in this new channel intensive landscape. In summery from my point of view:

The product is the marketing, the marketing is the productIt is about creating value that real people want to pay for… Or as Frank Striefler puts it “create better realities”. (product = product or service or anything of value that sells)

Use design as a strategic resourceit not just about look (even if very important and effective) it is about the way we go about reaching innovation. Design thinking as a concept is taking hold and proving to be a effective tool when solving the problem of innovation and business success.

Lead with the brandit is not enough with a great product that your consumers love, it need to be lead by the brand. A credible carrier, a strong partner, a friend to talk about and interact with. Here values and transparency is key to supplement the product. This is a very good one to remember, in this cluttered landscape you need to have a strong brand and a valuable product.

Shifting form campaign to all the time – this is an effect of how we now consume, all the time. So it would be quite stupid to just communicate once in a while and ignore the rest. Consistency/quality/efficiency in all touch points with value and conversation. “…a brand must build long-term platforms to become an indispensable part of people’s daily lives by providing continued entertainment and utility. Brands can’t afford to go dark any more. Instead, stimulate brand conversations with more initiatives, more often. Just like people, brands are a sum of their experience…”

Say something interesting that people want to talk about can be enough with the product but most likely you have to also say something. “In a world where it’s more important what people say about your brand than what brands say about themselves, give people something to talk about.”

Create value with your product and brand, be transparent and honest, be creative, and the success will follow…


We got channels, I mean we got channels and the consumers are using more and more of them. It is not easy to reach the right person with the right message in this channel rich world, right? Right, so why do some brands make it and some don’t. Think the fundamentals are straight forward, but when it comes to execution and communication, there lies the the tricky part. Read this great post form FutureLab on “10 Tips for 360° Marketing – Metallica vs Yael Naim: Steamroller vs Word of Mouth“. This one touches on big budget vs word of mouth (well in this case aided by a strong brad) and the importance of an integrated approach (360°). This got me thinking, how do you go about this on a fundamental level, came up with KCIA – Integrated Communication Model, see illustration below.

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Quite simple – knowing who {Knowledge} you are you talking to makes it possible to understand what {Concept} to say and where {Integrated Strategy} to say it so it gets heard. Once they hear, you must listen and evolve {Adapt} the message accordingly to stay “listed to”. There we go, a clear and simple way to communicate in today’s multi-channel environment ;). Well, it make scene in my head, thought? comments? please share.

Visible through content

Cutting through the clutter

As I am getting into this new (for me) arena of blogging and look into how this area can be beneficial to me and my profession… A question has been to of mind for a while now – how do one get seen or more accurately read in this jungle of blogs? Yes, yes I know but still… Well, from experience and based on some quick research on the subject the answer is, not surprisingly, great content! Quality(key) ,timely and sympathetic content will do the trick. Well, this is 90% true, one also need to consider the standard stuff – SEO, design, networking, references and linking to strengthen ranking (or cred). And yes, this applies to all – go figure – no matter if you are selling a product, providing a service or just blogging away… to be heard one need content that interest and engages the intended audience… True more than ever now that we head down the social rout, where everyone contributes and shares, only the one with great content will be heard.

I found some great article on this at SEOmoz.org and also some great videos.

And this:
Whiteboard Friday – Blogging Community Outreach And from the Seth corner this:
How to get traffic for your blog

And this:
Beware the CEO blog

Can go on and on here… just remember great content is not great by it self it needs to be worked on. Now combine this with video and we got gold… (notice the effect with on the articles above?) will follow up on this soon…

The Way Forward

Ok, blog’s and if just I should bother? – the reasoning

I would call my self a designer who loves communication and branding (the potential a brand have if connected with its target audience) especially through the digital space. I been working on and off with online since 1995 – a trip from a designer to a digital communicator. And with this the question arrives – should I bother to blog or not? Some reasoning – life is hectic and it definitely feels like there is a lack of time to balance work and family in a harmonious way (thanks’ to my parent’s genes I tend to unwillingly stress)… Maybe not an issues, more an ambition problem – love communication and design (brain is always working on something). Lucky to be working with something I love to do… so I like to spend my time designing away… – LOVE my family (a kid and a girl). Want to make sure I am there 100% and do not like to miss important family stuff because of work, etc… Can’t blog during working hours (might change) and won’t do it during family time… So there we have the time issue
AND then, who would read this? If nobody, why write? There we have the why issue
(O yes, a small thing, not a good writer so it takes even more time…)

Now, after some serious contemplating and reading a lot (blogs and such that is)… I came to the conclusion that the answers is YES. Blog blog blog… Why? see it like this – self education which might interest/benefit somebody. My logic is saying that if you want to keep up with this great new(ish) media and stay sharp one need to educate one self (read and study). School thought me that if one writes stuff down and summarize (add opinion in some cases), the stuff sticks… so a blog is the perfect medium for grown-up, business oriented studying. Thinking it might work as this – reading my RSS’s, finding stuff to star and share (using Google reader), taking a topic a day to write about (down) and comment (blog)… there we go – a blog that will have content and help my memory… sweet :). Added perk would be if someone reads it and find it helpful.

That is that, my first entry into this blog world… Talk to you later.