Video is getting old

“Indeed, video streaming is no longer simply an online behavior enjoyed exclusively by the stereotypical early adopter segment – young males. Rather, the growth in the online video audience is now being driven by other demographic segments. Adam Wright, Director at Ipsos MediaCT, explains: “It appears the prevalence of streaming video online among younger males may be approaching a ceiling today, whereas the other demographic groups are driving the audience growth here. The implication for those in the video entertainment industry is that online video – as a medium – appears to be tapping into later stage adopter segments that were perhaps reticent to embrace it even just a year ago.”

The data not only illustrate the massive audience that online video services are attracting today, but also underscore the shifting media landscape today for many video entertainment consumers. Wright concludes, “Television networks, movie studios and other video entertainment entities will need to recognize the growing demand among all consumers for digital distribution. Streaming video is no longer something just teens and twenty-something’s are enjoying, but rather it has become a fixture in mainstream America’s daily routines.”

There you go, a major shift in behavior and channel but don’t forget it is still TV. Now we just need to adapt the TV part to fit the channel and use the benefits of this great medium. Think interactive and personal engagement.

Methodology – Data were sourced from the June 2008 Prevalence wave of fieldwork as part of Ipsos MediaCT’s MOTION
study, which was conducted via computer-assisted telephone interviews
among a representative U.S. sample of consumers aged 12 years and
older. To learn more about MOTION, a quarterly syndicated tracking programming researching the U.S. online video market, please visit:

The Social Reach Game

The question on the table is – how to communicate to the social crowd in a ROI friendly way? Answer as always, meet them at the right frame of mind with the right information… Easy? not really, there’s a lot of metrics involved here. But now when companies are starting to specialized in targeting the social internet, collecting and evaluating all this valuable social behavioral data, this country road is quickly turning into a highway for advertisers/publishers/etc. It is all about user behavior, what are you doing and how much are you contributing.
Found this article form AdAge on the subject, well more like pr gig for a new startup, either way some interesting cases in there.
Side note – checking out the Lotame site I noticed something very interesting – their use of video. Video is good and it ads to the conversation, agreed… but when used just because… for example check out the company section and look at the video about user interaction, 22 sec of what? and you have to click to get more info… this is a royal pain. You are there to get a quick overview of the company and get videos that say nada and have to click for more… feel very much like a case of video for the sake of video. A quick text overview and some video that give more insight might would work here, thank you.