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Welcome iPad! If you missed the hype by the brand with the ability to milk every rumor out of the worlds tech community, aka Apple, here is the link to the next step in mobile computing/interaction – Apple iPad. (warning: a lot of unbelievably, incredible, exciting, absolutely the best in there;) Got to love innovation!…

…and it continues to be brilliant

The Apple vs. PC saga continues. Once again a great spot or in this case a great banner. A perfect reference to how to continue a great story in a different format and use its benefits. Thanks to BannerBlog for this one.

iPhone 3G

Here we go again… Apple is not healthy for tech addicted people like me… introducing the iPhone 3G… Follow the unfolding at Apple¬†Worldwide Developer Conference 2008 Keynote Live Coverage over at Macrumourslive. or all this in 60 sec I am getting mine upgraded will you?