Leveraging Curiosity

A quick observation – I am extremely curious by nature, especially when it comes to passions of mine. This has lately proven to be a little bit of a problem… As the story goes “curiosity killed the cat”, in this case, “curiosity blowed the cat’s mind”. Today’s digital landscape has really diversified, there are so many things happening within digital communications and within technology on the web is “almost” overwhelming, especially for us curious types. So many cool things so little time…

Take today for example – started work on an online video strategy – ideas started to fly, things started to pop up in my head on stuff I read/seen, so I started to dig in to my bookmarks, Google’n, looked in my archives, and started scanning in blog sphere, follow stories, linked to more stories, linked to more… You can just imagine how much one can find on the subject… and new things that have happened since last visited… ended up finding and spending way to much time on Mercedes-Benz new mixed tape TV site. Very cool, worth a visit – found it through a WSJ story.

Point is, in this massive, quickly moving landscape with unlimited resources, limitless experts (with reach) and open communication channels there is a real need for specifics. One needs to really focus once curiosity and leverage that fraction… Know one thing and know it well, the rest will fall into place, nothing new here but when the field you’re in is expanding quickly one need to re-focus / niche again and again and again. Leverage your curiosity to know a lot really well. 

… Ok, need to stop blogging and go back to whatever I was doing …

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