… it has been a while

… back again, after a month – seriously did not realize it has been that long. Plugged back in and itching to blog a little… so here we go…

Marketing PR Advertising Branding

Great illustration of what it is all about… This is going up on a wall. Found through newly discovered blogger with 2 great blogs – SuperAnton and Fyra nyanser av brunt (in Swedish only, sorry… hey, might be time to pick up a new language:).

On that topic, I have been reading quite a bit the last week (trying to get rid of the 1000+ unread’s in GReader…) and found a lot of good stuff… if you are interested you’ll find all on my Delicious page.  Also some good stuff on my YouTube and SlideShare pages – join me an share yours – want more good stuff…

Thanks for listening, see ya soon.

Addictive Word Clouds

 CV Cloud by Wordle
(Generated from my CV)

Found this cool site that makes visual sense out of text – Wordle. Generates word clouds form any text you past in or takes info from your del.icio.us account. Great part is that you can then play around with the clouds design by changing color schemes, fonts and positions. This is ye candy for a visual guy like me. And it actually gives you a great overview on what the texts are about. Created one form my CV and one form my del.icio.us account. Thanks to  Dion Hinchcliffe for pointing this out and  Jonathan Feinberg for creating this great tool. Now go create @ Wordle.

deliciousM Cloud by Wordle
(Generated from my Del.icio.us account)

A Digital Experience Richer

… being really upset (worded politically correct) that my iPhone stopped working, the dead strip syndrome, after only 4 months of use I went on a rant trying to find a solution… Apparently this is a known problem and Apple will exchange it without hassle… now for me being in Sweden this becomes a little more complicated than walking into an Apple store… Either way, I am back using my old, really feels that way, Nokia N73… Seriously, after using the iPhone and going back to the Nokia (which has all the kit and functions) it feels like steeping back in time and using a relic. Big kudos to the guys at Apple for taking us forward… While setting the old one up for sync, twitter/jaiku/flickr etc. I started reading an article form iMedia Connnection on going beyond the browser. Nothing new but worth the read and with some good examples in there from the Max Zabramny, leader of the interface engineering group at Organic. Not knowing very much about Organic i poked around a little… some very cool cases on the site (check them out for inspiration)… and then the point of this rambling (via their blog) – Randy Pausch is a retired professor of Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University.  He recently retired at age 47 because he was diagnosed with terminal liver cancer.  In order to leave a lasting legacy for his children he gave this “Last Lecture”. A truly inspiring and a great story, a must to view. I am now a digital experience richer, hope you are as well…

How to Invite

Goodby Silverstein and partners
in San Francisco is turning 25, so there is time for a celebration. Love this invite featuring Rich Silverstein och Jeff Goodby. No luck for those not working for or clients of GSP, but I heard something about an opera house 😉 . Next time there is a celebration lets work on some creative invites like this… If you have them please share!

(Didn’t know you could change border and control color on embedded video form YouTube, cool feature.)