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Linking in celebration of Swedish digital greatness…
Digital creative, production and everything in between in nice alphabetical order. If you are looking for the worlds best DA’s to work with, look no further. Enjoy and remember now is the time to use this great talent.

040 24HR Abby Norm Acne Digital AD&D Albert Ken Artopod Åkestam Holst B-Reel Bazooka Ben Trovato Birth Britny Bronson Cloud Nine Creuna Daddy Daddy ID Dallas STHLM Daytona DDB Deasign Deodorant Digital Venues Doberman Dotone Dragnet Dragster Dread Dropit Ehrenstråhle BBDO Familjen Farfar Fatslice Fi Foreign R.I.P, but check out the founders solo gig at Forsman & Bodenfors Fröjd From Stockholm With Love Futurniture Garbergs Gimlet Gomo GOSS Great Works Grey Happiness Hilanders Digital Holy Diver (AC/DC rocks… btw check out the new album Houdini Hutnu! Illianced ILP Intellecta InUse Isotop It’s Showtime Joy KAN King Klirr Proximity Kodamera Kokokaka LBi Le Bureau Lifelike Locomotiv Lonely Duck Lowe Brindfors Man Machine MGTRN Milk Mobiento Mogul MRM Starsky Music Bay Nansen NetRelations Noisy Cricket North Kingdom Norweb Oakwood Creative Oktavilla Ottenray Ottoboni Group Peacock Perfect Fools Pong Pool Projector Proportio Rebenga Saatchi & Saatchi Söderhavet Smedby Digital Sphinxly Starring Sticky Beat Stockholm Interactive Stopp Storåkers McCann Suddenly Swiff Tackolov Tewonder Thomson Tre Amigos Way2IT Webbkraft Winston X-Com

If someone feels left out, please let me know… (ok, so some might be borderline digital but you know we all want to be;).

Like an idiot I forgott to include where I picked up this list, cudos Webbsverige.

TED on Objects That Tell Stories

Found on TED, a worth while video to watch – Yves Behar, Designer – speaks on Objects That Tell Stories. The approach is spot on and translate to any design or communication. Very inspiering design and thought. Check out fuseproject site as well…
A quote from the profile page summarize this quite well:

“[Behar] has the ability to strip something down to its basic functional logic and then apply a set of emotional and aesthetic considerations to create something unique. It’s an art.”Chris Hacker, chief design officer at Johnson & Johnson

Cannes 08 In Short

 Cannes Lions 2008

To summarize another year of great communication… here are some favorites of mine form the 08 Cannes Lion show.

…and the award goes to – the winners (complete list)

Entrant Company, City: DROGA5, New York
Country: USA

“Re-brand scholastic achievement for New York City’s 1.1 million public school students by re-enforcing the connection between academic performance and future success. Instead of crafting a traditional advertising campaign, we chose to recognize and reward students’ personal achievements with something they actually wanted. By partnering with Verizon and Samsung, we developed the world’s first communication device fueled by academic performance. The Million is a free cell phone with free talk time and text messaging rewards for excellent attendance, behavior, classroom participation, homework and grades. The more students excel in school, the more they get out of their phone. Learning is earning.”


The power of understanding your audience, pushing the envelope and being present where the audience are with the right set of tools. Impressive and revolutionary with a greatly important cause – education.


Advertiser/Client: MICROSOFT
Product/Service: HALO 3 GAME
Entrant Company, City: McCANN WORLDGROUP, San Francisco
Country: USA

“The marketing idea needed to be big enough to matter to our broadest group; but feel genuine and authentic to our core. At the center of the Halo universe is a simple story focused on a hero, Master Chief. As his story unfolds through the trilogy, it is full of tales of bravery, duty, sacrifice, friendship, and selflessness. These themes are consistent with the qualities of real heroes and classic storytelling throughout history, they are universal and timeless – they speak to all of us.”

Grand! Even for a non gamers like myself this launch has really got me interested (which was its intent)… Great execution, strategy – the human side, and media mix… now, anyone that want to play – I am game (as long as you have an XBOX and the game;).

Advertiser/Client: BURGER KING
Product/Service: BURGER KING
Entrant Company, City: CRISPIN PORTER + BOGUSKY, Miami
Country: USA“To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the WHOPPER®, BURGER KING® created an innovative media campaign in which America’s favorite burger, the WHOPPER®, was removed from the menu for a day and hidden cameras captured customers candid reactions. The first component of the campaign explored deprivation to see what would happen if America’s most beloved burger was removed from the menu without any announcement. The social experiment was taken to another level when in lieu of the WHOPPER® customers were given competitors’ burgers. When the customer returned to the counter to discuss the problem with the manager, the King presented the customer with a Whopper and revealed the hidden cameras.”

Another great show form the boy’s from Miami and BK. Love the concept, and the reactions. Hey, it would piss me of as well. But dude, where are the links to BK on the campaign site, just talk no linking…

Advertiser/Client: TRENT REZNOR/NIN
Entrant Company, City: 42 ENTERTAINMENT, Pasadena
Country: USA
Advertising/Web Design Agency, City:  42 ENTERTAINMENT, Pasadena
Country: USA

“The ambitious Year Zero alternate reality game (ARG), a work of cross-media art involving websites, emails, phone calls, album packaging, tour t-shirts, thumb drives, music videos, murals, interactive games and live concert events with the new music of Nine Inch Nails at its core. Playing out over 10 weeks, the Year Zero ARG engaged over 2.5M participants. It started with a message hidden in the back of a concert t-shirt that lead to online websites, ultimately over 29 websites discovered over several months, 7.5M page views, 7M forum postings, 2M phone calls and thousands of original art submissions.”

Viral cross-media art/music the way it should be played.  Kudos to NIN for driving these kind of ideas.

Advertiser/Client: MINI CANADA
Product/Service: BMW MINI
Entrant Company, City: TAXI 2, Toronto
Country: CANADA
Advertising/Web Design Agency, City: TAXI 2, Toronto
Country: CANADA

“MINI has made several advancements to reduce environmental impact and increase efficiency. On a global scale, MINI wanted us to highlight these technologies in a simple, innovative, and efficient way. Hence, MINIMALISM: A microsite that provides users with a waste-free way to learn about the MINI in the amount of time they have available, down to the second. After selecting a feature, users are treated to a series of vignettes – ranging from 60 seconds down to one – that explain these complex technologies using minimal animations. That way we don’t waste anything, including people’s time.”

Simple and ingenious.

Advertiser/Client: V&S ABSOLUT SPIRITS
Product/Service: ABSOLUT VODKA
Entrant Company, City: GREAT WORKS, Stockholm
Country: SWEDEN
Advertising/Web Design Agency, City: GREAT WORKS, Stockholm
Country: SWEDEN

“Following the work ABSOLUT’s been doing within the spheres of art, fashion and music, the brand this time decided to explore the intersection between art and cutting edge technology. To explore what it would be like if machines were creative just like us, ABSOLUT invited Dan Paluska and Jeff Lieberman, from the prestigious science and technology institute MIT, and the Swedish team, ‘Teenage Engineering’, to create one creative machine each. For the first time ever, website visitors are invited to interact with the machines, which are situated in gallery spaces in Stockholm and New York, right from their web browsers. Judges: Please Watch it in Firefox”

Great use of technology, interactivity and art.

Addictive Word Clouds

 CV Cloud by Wordle
(Generated from my CV)

Found this cool site that makes visual sense out of text – Wordle. Generates word clouds form any text you past in or takes info from your account. Great part is that you can then play around with the clouds design by changing color schemes, fonts and positions. This is ye candy for a visual guy like me. And it actually gives you a great overview on what the texts are about. Created one form my CV and one form my account. Thanks to  Dion Hinchcliffe for pointing this out and  Jonathan Feinberg for creating this great tool. Now go create @ Wordle.

deliciousM Cloud by Wordle
(Generated from my account)

Thinking Flexible, Acting Flexible

On the subject of evolution.. we have a new iPhone and now a new BMW… love when companies let go of old restrictive thinking and go down a new path. BMW’s Gina is a step in that direction (video).

While your at it check out this and this. Thanks to Johan for the heads up.

“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

A Digital Experience Richer

… being really upset (worded politically correct) that my iPhone stopped working, the dead strip syndrome, after only 4 months of use I went on a rant trying to find a solution… Apparently this is a known problem and Apple will exchange it without hassle… now for me being in Sweden this becomes a little more complicated than walking into an Apple store… Either way, I am back using my old, really feels that way, Nokia N73… Seriously, after using the iPhone and going back to the Nokia (which has all the kit and functions) it feels like steeping back in time and using a relic. Big kudos to the guys at Apple for taking us forward… While setting the old one up for sync, twitter/jaiku/flickr etc. I started reading an article form iMedia Connnection on going beyond the browser. Nothing new but worth the read and with some good examples in there from the Max Zabramny, leader of the interface engineering group at Organic. Not knowing very much about Organic i poked around a little… some very cool cases on the site (check them out for inspiration)… and then the point of this rambling (via their blog) – Randy Pausch is a retired professor of Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University.  He recently retired at age 47 because he was diagnosed with terminal liver cancer.  In order to leave a lasting legacy for his children he gave this “Last Lecture”. A truly inspiring and a great story, a must to view. I am now a digital experience richer, hope you are as well…