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Sporadic Brain Dumps
  • Truth told from the daily notes to inspire email series by Simon Sinek.  

  • Thanks to SwissMiss for the enlightenment.

  • “If you hire people just because they can do a job, they’ll work for your money. But if you hire people who believe what you believe, they’ll work for you with blood and sweat and tears.” Simon Sinek talks at TEDx about success, the why, how the brain translate, the law of diffusion of innovation, those who […]

  • Watched James Cameron (TED) talking us through his curiosity for science and fascination with the fantastic. Somewhere at the end he coins the above quote, brilliant. And finishes with “Failure is an option, but fear is not” I will go ahead and use my new favorite word for this, awesomeness! Go ahead and enjoy below.

  • Stubled across this brillianze from being followed by Kansas City’s @dustinj on Twitter… following the trail to  Shake Gently (great reading) … reading about how tuff it can be to explain what you do in the ever eveloving digtial space at Made by Many (good stuff)… picking up awesomeness as a word that is used […]

  • Like the numbers and how Pingdom has made them interesting through good design. Via @jowyang.

  • On the topic of getting things done… here is a great example of creative problem solving. Two students from the Hyper Island school put this site together to aid their move.  Got to love the power of the web for getting stuff done. (Thanks c9 blog for the link.)

  • One just have to admire people with enough energy and drive to blow the hats of most and enough perseverance to make stuff happen. Jamie Olive is defiantly that. A pure passion for food that borders on the obscene, right where it should be. Attach a true cause to that and we now have our […]

  • A very nice interface, some nice integration of features, got games, got music, got movies… Sounds kinda main stream now a days, right. Question is, do we really need another closed platform and content property? Is this driving innovation or just making islands out of it? I would spontaneously say no, lets go open and […]

  • Via the planing lab via ffffound

  • Welcome iPad! If you missed the hype by the brand with the ability to milk every rumor out of the worlds tech community, aka Apple, here is the link to the next step in mobile computing / interaction – Apple iPad. (warning: a lot of unbelievably, incredible, exciting, absolutely the best in there;) Got to […]

  • Sometimes you find answers to those vital questions in life. Finally I say! via swissmiss